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Why Should Injured Victims Hire an Attorney to Guide Them in Their Claim

Personal injury claims are one of the most common civil cases heard in courts across the country. These claims are often difficult for victims to go through because they must be able to offer substantial evidence to prove the defendant is liable for their injuries. Often, there is an insurance company involved when a person is injured by another. Insurance adjusters can be unfair in the approaches they use for settling a claim and sometimes deny injured victims. This is why many victims feel more confident when they hire an attorney.

There are many types of personal injury claims, including automobile accidents, dog bites, assault, and medical malpractice. When a person becomes the victim of a personal injury, it behooves them to at least meet with an attorney to determine their best form of recourse. Some victims hold off on hiring an attorney because they mistakenly believe this will mean they have to go to court. In reality, the attorney will do everything they can to help their client avoid a trial.

Those injured victims who are represented by an attorney are often able to receive more in their settlement than those who try to go through the process alone. When a victim works with the insurance adjuster, it is imperative they fully understand the adjuster is not on their side. The adjuster is working to settle for as little as possible and may even try to deny the claim so they can protect their bottom line. Things seem to change when an attorney is involved because the adjuster knows there is a greater chance for them to have to go to court.

Thre are many options an attorney can offer for settling an injury claim. While there is always the option of filing a lawsuit, most injury claims are settled outside of court, through negotiations. It is imperative victims seek legal help as soon as possible so their lawyer can offer them the full help they need.

If you have been injured because of the neglect or direct actions of another person or company, you have the right to pursue an injury claim. To get started, contact the office of John Henderson Law.

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